More Women Engineers Than Ever

More Women Engineers Than Ever

Proud to welcome the most diverse freshman class in the College's history!

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Meet Denzel McCauley, a sophomore in civil engineering who participates in the Morrill Engineering Program. MEP empowers underrepresented engineering students to achieve academic excellence and grow as leaders.

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Do you know the top ten schools for startup funding? (Hint... #ILLINOIS is a good choice):

Chasiotis named University of Illinois Faculty Scholar

KR Sridhar, President and CEO of Bloom Energy, delivered iSEE Engergy 2030 Keynote.

Impact Day: celebrating the impact our engineers have on the world.

#ILLINOIS bioengineering team earns $150k prize with novel technology for rapid detection of infectious diseases

The latest rankings are in. Nine Engineering At Illinois programs in the top ten.

Wearing a cast might stink a little less thanks to #ILLINOIS student and alumni new innovaiton!

#ILLINOIS promotes entrepreneurship with its new Innovation, Leadership & Engineering Entrepreneurship degree:

Welcome to #ILLINOIS, Chancellor Jones! We share your vision for solving complex global challenges #weareillini

New Asst. Prof. Katy Huff named the 2016 winner of ANS's Young Member Excellence Award!

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Chase Duncan
BS, Computer Science

Before coming to Illinois, Chase dropped out of the 9th grade, worked hard at a community college, and was accepted as
a transfer student. While getting married
with a baby son along the way. Chase is a guy who is up for a challenge.

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