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Immersive, Needs-Focused Bioengineering

"No solution without a need." With a $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation’s Revolutionizing Engineering Departments (RED) program, the Illinois Bioengineering faculty are innovating undergraduate curriculum and programs to produce students who are ready to address real-world needs with revolutionary ideas and solutions.

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Next-Gen Cancer Research & Scholarship

Next-Gen Cancer Research & Scholarship

"Now is the time for cancer. Now we are thinking of different ways to tackle cancer, not only with traditional biology, but with new kinds of tools and technologies—with data and analytics and real-time monitoring devices to see if we can better understand cancer progression and control it."
Professor Rohit Bhargava, Bioengineering

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"I am 'With Illinois' because I have such fond memories of being in Urbana-Champaign. This really is where my adult years started and where I kind of grew up, discovered what I cared about and what I wanted to be. I made friends in Illinois that I stay in touch with still today, and I like to come back to talk with people who were a really important and pivotal part of my life."

Parisa Tabriz

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