students with advisor


It’s vital to us in Engineering at Illinois that we provide the advising you need. We are here to help as your advocates and an excellent campus resource. If we don't have the answer, we’ll help you find it.

Changing Majors

Departmental Advising

Joining one of the most accomplished peer groups in the country comes with some potentially unforeseen hardships and obstacles. Topics we regular help our students with:

  • Course difficulty
  • Registration and course planning
  • Study skills
  • Not feeling at home on campus
  • Test anxiety
  • Questioning your major
  • Feelings of being a little lost, unsure, unmotivated, and not even sure why

We also want you to come by:

  • Just to talk
  • To learn more about the different resources available on campus
  • To make sure you're on track to graduate

We are here to help! Stop by and seek advice. After all, even the smartest and wisest of us can learn from others.

For more information, visit our Undergraduate Advising Wiki page.