The clearest solution

The clearest solution

How researchers at Illinois are leading interdisciplinary innovation for water as a renewable resource

Safe Water in Sub-Saharan Africa

Illinois Students and Faculty Work Toward Novel Solutions

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$25M gift from tech entrepreneur and UI alumnus Thomas Siebel will fund construction of Siebel Center for Design

NPRE Associate Prof. Ling-Jian Meng awarded $2.4 million from the National Institutes of Health

Five of our undergraduate students presented their research papers at TECHCON, and MatSE senior Grace Pakeltis won second place!

Learn about Hannah Lohman's Rwanda trip with CEE 449: completing field tests to bring clean water to a refugee camp

MatSE's Cecilia Leal earned the $1.5M NIH New Innovator Award for her research on more efficiant nanoscale drug delivery.

Illinois CSL team was awarded grant of $500,000 from NSF to maximize the nergy output of wind turbines

Illinois CEE Asst. Prof. Megan Konar awarded NSF grant to study the relationsips between critical resources

BioE Asst. Prof. Dipanjan Pan measures drug releases- the amount & at what time. Check out his findings:

Contrats to Illinois NCSA Bill Gropp on recieving the 2016 ACM/IEEE Computer Society Ken Kennedy Award!

Check out which distinguished Engineering Professors were honored in being named Founder's Professors:

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Chase Duncan
BS, Computer Science

Before coming to Illinois, Chase dropped out of the 9th grade, worked hard at a community college, and was accepted as
a transfer student. While getting married
with a baby son along the way. Chase is a guy who is up for a challenge.

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