New entrepreneurial dual-degree program

New entrepreneurial dual-degree program

Illinois to launch a new dual-degree program in Innovation, Leadership and Engineering Entrepreneurship (ILEE), providing the skills needed to guide companies and projects, to start new ventures, and to be pioneers in any environment.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Engineering at Illinois Entrepreneurship

The Technology Entrepreneur Center (TEC) provides students and faculty with the skills, resources and experiences necessary to become successful innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders who tackle grand challenges and change the world.

TEC offers on campus and online courses and certificate programs and hosts outreach activities for students and alumni. TEC also administers the annual Cozad New Venture Competition and the Illinois Innovation Prize, among several other programs.

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Chase Duncan
BS, Computer Science

Before coming to Illinois, Chase dropped out of the 9th grade, worked hard at a community college, and was accepted as
a transfer student. While getting married
with a baby son along the way. Chase is a guy who is up for a challenge.

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