Our Students Solving Global Water Challenges

Our Students Solving Global Water Challenges

Through interdisciplinary education both here and around the world.


Gifts in Action

Gifts in Action

This story is a must read.

Marcin Kleczynski is 28 and only graduated from CS @ ILLINOIS in 2012. He decided to make a major donation to establish a named endowment supporting the Computer Science Visionary Scholarship Fund as part of the Engineering Visionary Scholarship Initiative. He did this to help pave a way to the campus for entrepreneurially minded students because of his own experience while here. The new Grainger Matching Challenge goes a step further, doubling his, and all Engineering scholarship endowment gifts, up to $25 million.

Marcin came to the University of Illinois from the Chicago suburbs unsure at least initially how he would pay for his education. As a freshman, he founded Malwarebytes, totally under the radar of the department, but it became super-successful during his time as an undergrad.

Now, he’s paying his success forward.

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Illinois research may make science one step closer to curing HIV: 

Fourth-year doctoral BioE student has won the McGinnis Fellowship for her work in cancer research: 

Associate dean and professor of physics Kevins Pitts work with the Moun magnet could change how scientists picture of the universe: 

Research Park is home to what may be the future of the power industry: 

ECE Professor Jean-Pierre Leburton helped Erik Jonsson from School of Engineering and Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dalla with a physics analysis on new design for transistors: 

SIIP project overhauls foundation ECE course, which benefits nearly 500 students each semester: 

8 professors have been awarded faculty fellowships from the NCSA home to Blue Waters: 

Check out Illinois success stories fom recent graduates both in and out of Engineering: 

2013 ISE senior design team has been awarded a patent for their project: 

NPRE students have won ANS distinction two years running for their work promoting nuclear engergy!: 


The Majipump

The Majipump

New solar-powered irrigation pump empowers HIV+ women in Kenya

Illinois professor Brian Lilly leads development of "Majipump" —a low-wattage solar irrigation pump designed for subsistence farmers in the developing world. Working side-by-side with women farmers in Kenya, Lilly aims to stimulate both improved food security and economic development.

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